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32 Rack Links and Resources To Get You Going

By Peter Cooper / April 9, 2009

rack.png If you've developed a Web application using Ruby lately, you've probably used Rack in one way or another. Rack calls itself a "Ruby Web server interface" and I tend to think of it as an abstraction between the messy world of HTTP and the potentially just as messy world of your code.

Rack became a key element of Rails as of Rails 2.3, and has been of importance in deploying applications built on alternate frameworks (such as Sinatra). Put it this way, Rack has become a very big deal.

Taking perhaps the tiniest of cues from our articles like Merb 1.0's 44 Links and Resource to Get You Going and Rails 2.2's 27 Links and Resources To Get You Going, Rails Envy star Jason Siefer has put together the splendid.. 32 Rack Resources To Get You Started. A fine list it is too with links to top blog posts, screencasts, presentations, middleware lists, tutorials, and basic resources.

Anyway, check out Jason's list. We're not going to repeat it here, but I think it carries on a fine tradition of the ever-popular resource list :)


  1. Hubert Łępicki says:

    Yo, great! It links to my shrimp tutorial... need to get some lunch I think now ;).

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