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6 Ruby and Rails Jobs for March 2009

By Peter Cooper / March 19, 2009

If you're a Ruby developer, the current recession needn't be too hard.. depending on where you live, of course. There are some good jobs going out there and if you're on the hunt for one, we've recently had several Rails-focused positions come by our Ruby jobs board in both the US and UK:

gobalto.pngSenior Web Applications Developer (San Francisco, CA): Gobalto is a startup developing a social media portal for the pharmaceutical development industry. They're looking for someone with significant Rails experience (with Python/Java) and several years professional development experience. In return, the compensation package is in the $100-$120k range.

scribd.pngBack-End Rails Engineer (at the largest Rails site on the Web) (San Francisco, CA): They might not like the comparison but Scribd is, to me, the "YouTube for documents." Scribd is one of the biggest Rails sites out there (the largest, they claim) and they need a back-end Rails engineer in downtown San Francisco. As well as the usual Rails credentials, they're looking for strong SQL knowledge and, ideally, C++ experience.

asw.pngSenior Web Developer, Front End (New York, NY): ASMALLWORLD is an invitation-only social networking site formed of culturally influential people who are all connected by three degrees (Ed: Hey, why wasn't I invited? :-)). They have a small, tight-knit group of developers and are looking for a Rails developer to work on their front-end of their site.

asw.pngSenior Web Developer, Back End (New York, NY): ASMALLWORLD again - as in the first ad - but this time looking for a principally back-end developer. Again in New York and they're looking for someone who is ideally very strong in Ruby but also has skills in some combination of Java, Python, PHP, and JavaScript. You'll also "know SQL well and aren't afraid to use it"!

newbamboo.pngExperienced Rails Developer (London, UK): New Bamboo, one of the UK's top Rails development teams, is looking for a Ruby and Rails expert to join their London-based team. Job is now filled.. thanks for looking!

viscape.pngSenior Software Engineer (Telecommuting): Viscape, an innovative travel site for vacation properties and second homes, is looking for a software engineer to design, develop, test, repair and maintain site features and functionality as required by a Web 2.0 application based on Ruby on Rails. You'll be leading mid-sized to large projects, need to serve as a mentor for other developers, and have experience of agile methods of development. Viscape is based in Arlington, Virginia but you are not required to move to them so telecommuting is an option.

If you're a US-based company looking to hire Ruby and Rails developers and you're in the US, head over to the job board too - it costs $250 for 60 days of exposure to Ruby Inside's audience (about 200~300k pageviews in all), and your jobs get featured in a post (or two) like this too! If you're not in the US, the job board won't work, but contact us directly and we can organize a more personalized mention.

Still looking for a job? There are even more over at RubyNow's jobs section and on the 37signals Job Board.

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