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AdhearsionConf – An Event for Ruby’s Leading Telephony Framework – August 14 & 15, 2010

By Peter Cooper / July 3, 2010

We would like to announce the first AdhearsionConf to be held in San Francisco from August 14th to the 15th. Jay Phillips, the creator of Adhearsion, will be joining us for two days of talks, discussions, hacking and pair programming on all things Adhearsion.

Jason Goecke

AdhearsionConf is a 2 day, free conference dedicated to Adhearsion, a Ruby-based VOIP/telephony framework developed by Jay Phillips. The organizers, Voxeo Labs, say that the event should also be streamed online.

The announcement of AdhearsionConf comes just a few days after the release of Adhearsion 0.8.4 which adds support for Asterisk 1.6 and ActiveLDAP.

I'm not involved with VOIP or the telephony scene, but everything I've heard about Adhearsion has been solid. If you want to do magic with your phone system, check it out.

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