December 16, 2006

The 2005 Ruby Advent Calendar
Post by Peter Cooper

This year's Ruby Advent Calendar isn't the first to have existed. Many may remember Tucows Farm's 2005 Ruby Advent Calendar. I wanted to pay respect to Joey deVilla's excellent calendar of that year, a tradition I hope that this year's advent calendar has tried to continue.

For your nostalgia, here are the entries from the Tucows 2005 Ruby Advent Calendar:

  1. Try Ruby
  2. Why's Poignant Guide to Ruby in PDF format
  3. Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger
  4. Can't Have a Language Without a Language War
  5. Arto Bendiken's Ruby Code Snippets
  6. Komodo IDE (this one is quite visual)
  7. RubyForge Passes the 1K Mark
  8. Ruby Book Sales Surpass Python?!
  9. Monkey Knife Fight! (long but interesting still)
  10. Test-First Ruby Programming
  11. Sockets Programming in Ruby
  12. Profiling and Optimizing Ruby Code
  13. Debugging Ruby Programs 101
  14. Rails Hits 1.0 (or: Christmas comes early!)
  15. It's a Dangerous World Out There -- Lock Up Your Rails App!
  16. Twenty Ruby Books
  17. Review of "Agile Web Development with Rails"
  18. There wasn't one
  19. Ruby Secret Santa
  20. Hacking Asterisk and Rails with RAGI
  21. The Departure of the Hyper-Enthusiasts
  22. O'Reilly Ruby
  23. Rails Weenie (duplicated this year!)
  24. There wasn't one
  25. There wasn't one

Some of these entries are now rather out of date.. which just goes to show how fast the Ruby world is moving!