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Announcing the Ruby Advent Calendar 2006

By Peter Cooper / November 8, 2006


This year Ruby Inside will be presenting a Ruby Advent Calendar. The site's already up but doors won't appear until December 1st. So why am I posting about it already? Well, you can subscribe to the feed right now, so that as soon as December 1st hits, you'll be ready to open the door, and then every day thereafter till Christmas.

Also, I want to see if anyone else wants to create some of the "days". If you want to write / draw / make something that's cool and Ruby related for one of the days, get in touch at rubyinside -/at/- Of course, you'll get credit for your day, so it might be worth doing if you have a Rails site, Ruby blog, cool tool or something else you want to plug. There are only 25 days and it'll stay up as long as Ruby Inside is around.

Roll on December!

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