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AppSumo: A Discount Bundle of Webapp Credits Suited to Ruby Developers

By Peter Cooper / November 14, 2010

appsumo.pngAppSumo is an intriguing "bad ass developer bundle" that brings together $1543 of credit for ten different Web app development related resources (most are Ruby focused or have Ruby APIs) for a mere $47 purchase.

The services include:

  • Twilio - an API driven telephony service (I use this — it's great)
  • Heroku - the Ruby webapp hosting environment
  • Hoptoad - the errors notification service
  • New Relic - the performance monitoring and application management service
  • As well as Recurly, SendGrid, MongoHQ, SauceLabs, Infochimps and Linode.

Sadly I'm already signed up with most of these services and most of the credits are for new or upgraded accounts only, but if you want to give any of the above services a try or want to build a new app that relies on them, this looks like a steal.

I also need to put a big fat disclaimer here in case you have problems with AppSumo: I'm not related to AppSumo, getting nothing from them (shame!) and am not responsible if it turns out to be flaky. That said, I've only seen good reports so far (there are lots of them on Twitter). Enjoy.

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