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Distribute Ruby applications in a single file

By Peter Cooper / June 1, 2006

Tar2RubyScript is a tool that packages up your entire Rails application into a single tar file with a special loader so that users can get up and running with one click.

The next step is working out how to package up an entire Rails app, database, and WEBrick (or Mongrel) daemon into a single OS X .app folder so that you can distribute cool Web apps to run on people's local machines. Snippets would be a great candidate for this. I'll post more information when I figure it out!


  1. Steve says:

    There is a tutorial for distributing you rails app as a single file. It is located at I'd love to find some script or something that would take care of doing each of these steps for you. Any takers?

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Oh yes, thanks for that. I've seen it before but it wasn't a good fit for OS X at the time. However, it might suddenly be relevant again now, because.. someone pointed me towards Platypus -- -- it lets you turn scripts into OS X apps. I've worked out most of it so far but haven't progressed onto Rails yet :)

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