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Does someone at Nokia love Ruby?

By Peter Cooper / November 20, 2007


This isn't really "news" but it's Ruby related and struck me as rather odd. I was just browsing, doing some Christmas shopping, and came across a Nokia Internet Tablet with GPS (not an affiliate link) for only £139.99. I looked at the provided pictures of the device and was struck by the one above. It's a picture of a Ruby and you can just about make out "" written on the location bar of the device. This seems pretty weird on a mass market device, especially since they've gone to the trouble of putting a picture of a Ruby in the shot, rather than the real Ruby homepage.

Someone at Nokia, or perhaps an Amazon customer who's "shared" the image, appears to like Ruby. Is this a real promo shot for the device or merely an amateur creation? Interesting none the less when Ruby crops up in the most unlikely places.


  1. Jay Phillips says:

    The guys that run Maemo, the open-source platform that Nokia developed for the 770 internet tablets, are definitely supporters of Ruby. Maemo was a Google Summer of Code project to which students could contribute and I was actually the official mentor for the student developing Ruby bindings for the system. On the GSoC mentor login system, I saw that out of maybe 15-20 different Maemo-related projects the Ruby bindings project was the most supported (with votes) of all of them.

  2. Patrick Logé says:

    The Nokia uses

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