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Find Old / Deprecated Code in your Rails Apps with a Plugin

By Peter Cooper / August 31, 2006

On the back of Kevin Clark's "Things You Shouldn't Be Doing in Rails", Geoffrey Grosenbach has created a plugin called 'deprecated' that, with a single rake task, will alert you to all of the old and deprecated code in your application. This is perfect for bringing those old applications up to date and will help you catch all of the changes necessary, such as using flash and session instead of @flash and @session, etc.

I wonder how viable it would be to go even further and create something that could check for sloppy coding practices (rather than outdated practices) and fix spacing issues, etc.


  1. Brian Levine says:

    You know, you all just continue to make those of us using Ruby on Rails look like heroes.

    After graduating college I got a consulting job at IBM. I was working with Microsoft Access........ *insert barrel in mouth*

    I quit. I taught my self Ruby on Rails with PickAxe, Rails Recipes, Agile Development, and most importantly, #rubyonrails. I took a leap and landed on my feet. I've got more people asking me for work than I've got time in the day.

    And it's all because of Kevin's efforts, and it's Geoffrey's efforts and the efforts of hundreds of others who work together to make each and every member of our community stronger.

    I'm heading to the Advanced Rails Pragmatic Studio at the end of September in Boston, MA and can't wait to start to give back to the community that has given me so much. Thank you.



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