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FOSCON: Ruby Event in Portland, OR – July 23, 2008

By Peter Cooper / July 22, 2008


FOSCON is a "free, fun gathering" of Ruby developers held alongside the O'Reilly OSCON conference currently taking place in Portland, Oregon. It's tomorrow (Wednesday, July 23) at CubeSpace (near the Oregon Convention Center) from 6pm. The always proactive Portland Ruby Brigade have organized it, and a surprising number of interesting presentations are already planned, including one on IronRuby from John Lam of Microsoft. A live coding competition will also be taking place.


  1. Geoffrey Grosenbach says:

    Sounds like yet another pricey, limited attendance smoozefest!

  2. Jan Wedekind says:

    I was really impressed by the programming competition. The task to implement a cooking recipe website was specified one week ago and the additional task to add some means of rating recipes was specified just before the competition. Most teams where able to actually deliver functioning web-apps within the time limit of 20 minutes!
    BTW, the price for attending the event was 0$ (thanks to several sponsors) and pizzas and beer were provided at no cost as well!

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