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GeoKit: Geocoding and Location Finder Plugin for Rails

By Peter Cooper / February 10, 2007

GeoKit is a new Rails plugin developed by Bill Eisenhauer and Andre Lewis that provides several powerful geocoding related features:

  • Location and distance finders for ActveRecord models.
  • Distance calculations between any points on the earth.
  • Multiple provider geocoding (Google, Yahoo, with fallback support.
  • IP-based location lookup.

The ActiveRecord finders are really slick, check out this example:

Location.find(:all, :origin => 'Irving, TX', :conditions => ["distance < ? and city = ?", 5, 'Coppell'])

The developers have blogged about their new creation here and here.


  1. Sandro Paganotti says:

    I've been looking for it for months !!
    Thank you !

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