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How and Why Companies are Using Ruby on Rails: The Thesis!

By Peter Cooper / July 9, 2007


Michel Barbosa is a bachelor student at the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam in the Netherlands and has just completed his thesis: "Delivery of the Key Adoption Factors and Key Characteristics of Companies Using Ruby on Rails." Or, in layman's terms, he's produced a document that goes into the hows and whys of how companies have migrated over to using Ruby on Rails.


There are lots of graphs, charts, and tables, so enjoy!

(first seen at Riding Rails)


  1. Martijn says:

    Hmm, interesting survey.

    Funny how most surveyed companies say there's enough Rails documentation, and at the same time there's a contest to enhance documentation for Rails.

    Anyway, this provides a good list of questions for companies that are evaluating to use Rails, and at the same time you can use the results as a benchmark.

  2. emon says: must be a nice & helpful document to read for a newbie on ruby like me.
    just started ruby on rails practice & bit switched from java. till now i should say its amazing. lets download now.
    few questions-
    what do you guesstimate about ruby after 5 years? where it will stand?
    will it evolve with all web hypes?

    thanks for sharing your thesis,

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