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Interesting Ruby Tidbits That Don’t Need Separate Posts #19

By Peter Cooper / March 14, 2008

REST Client - Simple DSL / Ruby Library for Accessing REST Resources


Adam Wiggins of Heroku has made available rest-client, a new library that makes it ridiculously easy to interact with RESTful resources and APIs (over HTTP, naturally.)

Racket - Raw Packet Manipulation with Ruby

Racket is a new Ruby library that "crafts and analyzes" raw network packets. It's all pretty low level stuff, but a collection of straight forward examples are provided to get you started.

RubyDoes.Net - A Blog for IronRuby Fans

RubyDoes.Net is, effectively, like a Ruby Inside but for the .Net / Microsoft side of things. It focuses on IronRuby, Microsoft's .Net implementation of Ruby. IronRuby doesn't get a significant amount of press here on Ruby Inside, so for those with an interest in the Windows platform, RubyDoes.Net is a great blog to check out.

RSpecced Haml Scaffolding for Rails

Daniel Fischer writes in with news about the availability of Haml scaffolding for Rails. I'm not a Haml user myself, but it seems this adds a generator to Rails that makes it easy to generate RSpec-backed Haml-templated scaffolds for your Rails models. If so, and if you're a Haml fan, go get it!

InLine - 100% Ruby Solution for Inline Editing at the Console

Fabio Cevasco has put together InLine, a clever bit of Ruby code that makes it possible to create a console-based inline editing environment with pure Ruby. It seems a little bit like a hack, but it's a very clever bit of coding and bound to be of interest to those developing console-based applications.


  1. Daniel Fischer says:

    Thanks very much for the mention ! :)

  2. Fabio Cevasco says:

    Same here, thanks a lot for mentioning me and InLine!

  3. Aaron Junod says:

    Same from me.. Thanks for the mention!

  4. Glenn says:

    Wow! That REST Client looks great, now just to find somewhere to have a play with it.

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