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JRuby 1.0 Released

By Peter Cooper / June 10, 2007

JRuby, a Java implementation of the Ruby interpreter, has reached version 1.0. A massive congratulations are due to the team. At the time of writing, the release has not been announced on the official site, but you can download the final build.
JRuby originally came into being in 2001 as a simple Java port of the Ruby 1.6 code, but has blossomed into a free-standing project that has chosen to innovate in its own way. In September 2006, Sun "acquired" the JRuby project by bringing its then two main developers on board, and since then work appears to have continued at a rapid pace. With the release of 1.0, the team claim that applications 'will just work' and that most compatibility bugs have been eradicated.

Lots of companies, ThoughtWorks being the most notable, are looking to JRuby to ease the deployment of Rails applications in enterprise environments. With 1.0, the confidence in running these applications should be high. Expect to see a lot of new applications and deployment tutorials popping up around the Rubysphere soon.


  1. Hendy Irawan says:

    Wow... so many people have been eagerly waiting for this :) [including Peter I presume] ;-) [probably especially Martin Fowler] :)

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