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Mosquito: A Visual Web Testing Tool, Like Watir, But For OS X?

By Peter Cooper / January 26, 2007


Mosquito is a new, automatable, testing tool that uses RubyCocoa and OS X to perform Web operations and take screenshots of each point along the way. It's a little like the Windows-only Watir. I can see the technology used by Mosquito also being useful for automating Web operations even without the testing focus.


  1. Mike Aizatsky says:


    Meanwhile Mosquito 0.2 with image differences highlighting is almost ready. You can take a look at how it looks like at:

  2. zimbatm says:

    That project's name conflicts qui Camping's unit testing framework. ( )

  3. Evan Farrar says:

    It's possible I am stupid and can't find the link, but is there actually code for this anywhere?

  4. Peter Cooper says:

    Right hand sidebar of that page.

  5. Bret Pettichord says:

    Have taken a look at SafariWatir?

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