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Wanted! A Ruby and Rails Guru To Lead The Way at a Successful, 50 Person Company in New York City

Peter Cooper (Ruby Inside editor) here! I don't usually write up pages for jobs but this one is awesome! If you're in New York City (or are a kickass telecommuter!) you'll want to read on.

You can become the Ruby and Rails guru at a successful company and you'll get to work on key systems that are in production and being used heavily every day - it's no startup.

The Job

Ben Johnson is currently in the role and he needs someone to take over. He explains:

My company, National Event Company, is looking for a very talented Ruby programmer. We are being picky because this is a rare opportunity that has a lot to offer. I can say that because it used to be my job! I need to dedicate all of my time to a sister company focusing on a new product we are launching so I won't have time for my current obligations. I need you!

We offer a generous salary, full benefits, and a lot of potential to take it where you want to. I've really enjoyed the projects I worked on and the opportunity is tremendous (I moved up quickly and now I am a part owner of the sister company we are starting.)

We are growing fast, even during this crappy economy. We have over 50 employees - it's a stable environment. You would be in charge of everything you do - you would essentially be your own boss. It's a loose and flexible environment. I had full control of the projects, how they were completed, when they were completed, etc. Basically, you will run the show when it comes to technology.

The National Events Company's offices are in Times Square (Broadway, specifically), New York. You would always have the option to work there or from home.

What You Need To Offer

  • Code examples and projects (very important!)
  • Eagerness.
  • Proven talent in the Ruby / Rails space.
  • Degrees and other formal requirements not essential.

Transition and Backup

Ben won't be leaving the company so you won't be in at the deep end on day one. He'll be helping you plan where necessary and will bring you up to speed on everything over time. Further, someone in this role would have direct contact with Ben generally (check out his blog) and the opportunity to get involved with some great open source projects on the side too.

How To Learn More / Apply

E-mail Ben directly at Just tell him who you are, attach a resume (if you have one), and give him any details you think are important to know. He's promised to follow up within 24 hours.

Good luck!