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Polish Rubyists Shoot A Ruby-Themed Music Video

By Peter Cooper / July 4, 2010

Some light comic relief for the weekend here. A group of Poland-based Rubyists from Applicake and PipeJump, along with special guests Jose Valim and Socha, got together after Euruko 2010 to shoot a Ruby themed lipsync video. It's as horrible and funny as it sounds.

Any other Ruby or Rails shops willing to up the ante? CitrusByte, New Bamboo, EnvyLabs, HashRocket..?


  1. Philippe Monnet says:

    Awesome dudes! So much energy in this fun video! Perfect for this week-end! :-)

  2. Ela @elamadej says:

    Glad you liked it.. and wait for the "making of" video ;-) We do wanted to show that Ruby community is very special. Hopefully more people are attracted to become a part of it!

  3. Martin says:

    That was excellent, very funny. I'm a rubyist in my spare time, I quite like The Kaiser Chiefs and I'm a quarter Polish.

  4. Alexis says:

    Nice video, I particularly laughed when I saw the climber, crazy guys ;-)

  5. erevfall says:

    That's so... Ruby :D . Gratz.

  6. twelvesixteen says:

    Nice work! Looks like a fun place to work. :) I hope the cyclist didn't hit the wall after the camera panned away.

  7. Nicholas says:

    I loved it! The youth and energetic nature of the community is certainly reflected back in the codebase, and I for one love that. Hear, hear: to Ruby when it makes sense! :D

  8. kiszal says:

    I (the cyclist) hit the wall once. @josevalim didn't open the door wide enough for the first time. Later on he was doing really good job ;)

  9. Desi says:

    Wow that was awesome! Brought a big smile to my face this morning.. Great job.

  10. Vincent Br says:

    Awesome guys. Yes, rubyiest is a young and energic community ! Keep going!
    Btw, your work place looks fun. Enjoy. :)

  11. trans says:

    Beautiful, Luv.

  12. Doug says:

    Nicely done! It made me smile, so, thank you :)

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