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Practical JRuby on Rails Book by Ola Bini

By Peter Cooper / October 7, 2007


Practical JRuby on Rails Web 2.0 Projects: Bringing Ruby on Rails to Java is a new book by Ola Bini, a core member of the JRuby development team, and published by Apress. In its 330 pages it covers pretty much everything you need to know about deploying Rails applications on the JRuby platform and how to take advantage of the different technologies JRuby makes available to you (JDBC, JMX, Tomcat, Enterprise Java Beans, etc.) As well as covering the technologies and concepts involved, the book also walks the reader through developing and deploying a few different Rails applications from scratch. You can buy a PDF version of the book from Apress for $21.50 or the usual print version from for $28.37.

Note: An interview with Ola Bini is coming up in the next post here at Ruby Inside.


  1. Claus Hausberger says:

    I am sure this is a great book. For myself I would have prefered a book that does not focus on Rails, but rather cover topics like Swing, testing Java applications with JRuby and writing Ruby bindings for java applications so that the libraries are more Ruby like.

    I think JRuby + Rails will never be a huge winner. When I want to do use the powerful Java ecosystem, I prefer Seam or Grails over JRuby. Rails is great, but when I want to integrate with Java, I prefer Grails. This is just my opinion.

    congratulations to Ola for the book. I am sure it will get great reviews from people interested in running Rails on Jruby.


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