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Radiant 0.6 Released: A Top Rails Content Management System

By Peter Cooper / April 25, 2007


Almost a year ago I posted about Radiant, a then 'diamond in the rough' Rails content management system that was under development by John W. Long. Since then Radiant has come along in leaps and bounds and a significant release, namely that of version 0.6, has been made today.


Radiant is an open-source CMS developed with Ruby on Rails which features a new extension system enabling users to create third party add-ons (which already include extensions to do backups, LDAP, virtual domains, vim editing, Flickr integration, page aggregation and more). It can be installed simply using RubyGems (gem install radiant) and getting an instance of the application up only takes a few lines at the command prompt. If you need a CMS and you're ready to roll with a solid Rails application, Radiant seems a pretty good place to start.


  1. Sean Cribbs says:

    Thanks for the kudos, Peter! We (the core team) have worked very hard to get 0.6 ready and are really excited to see what people do with it. Also, keep your eyes open for 0.7 -- the blogging-related release.

  2. Ed says:

    I've been looking at Radiant the last few days with some admiration. Often when I look at CMS solutions, I feel let down by numerous factors.

    Either they are bloatware with too many features that hardly any user actually wants, or they are bug infested requiring a dozen patches, or worse, the developer firmly believes they are "perfect" in every way. This firm belief often results in confusing and complex administration systems, taking days and sometimes weeks to learn before you can actually make valid use of the CMS.

    Having examined Radiant, I haven't come across these issues. I certainly intend to make use of the system in future projects, and sincerely hope the developer keeps it as good as it currently is, or better, without falling into the traps that I have mentioned above.

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