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RailRoad: Generate model and controller diagrams for Rails applications

By Peter Cooper / April 11, 2007


RailRoad is a Ruby application that generates model or controller diagrams for Ruby on Rails applications. It analyzes properties, inheritance, model associations, and so forth, and produces a graph description in the DOT language which can then be handled with third-party tools. The official site features several compelling examples, including model and controller maps of the Typo blogging system (as seen above).


  1. Hugh Bien says:

    Wow, this tool is awesome.

    I've always been jealous at teammates who were using tools to print out their model schemas =P.

  2. Max says:

    Wow, I really like this tool, especially for visualizing how complex some applications are and what mess I have created in older projects ;)

  3. Daniel Fischer says:

    This is certainly quite interesting, I wonder how I can find use for it.

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