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Railsify: A New Repository of Rails Plugins

By Peter Cooper / September 7, 2007

Railsify is a new site, developed by Adam Cooke, that acts as a central resource for Rails plugins and related tools (Rake tasks, toolkits, etc). Adam has a blog post with more background and details.

This isn't the first such site. Agile Web Development has had a plugins directory for a while now, but Railsify is impeccably presented, has its own domain, and has even become part of a nascent "network" of Rails sites along with and


  1. topfunky says:

    It would be nice if the plugin repositories could share their data so developers don't have to re-enter all their information.

    AgileWebDevelopment has 700+ plugins right now, so it's the most complete source.

  2. zerohalo says:

    Site looks nice and has some pretty features, but Agile site was just fine. Now are we supposed to look in two places for the latest plugins?

  3. ben says:

    What does this have that doesn't have? rocks. I'm sure Ben will give you a feed so you can just pull from :)

    -ben (Not The Ben of but another lowly rails dev )

  4. Morgan Roderick says:


    What most of the open source developer sites are suffering from is stale information, perhaps Adam will try to keep his information as accurate as possible.

    Bookmarked, let's see what happens.

  5. nfstern says:

    Their registration process appears to be broken. I was unable to register successfully & receive a confirmation.

  6. nfstern says:

    However, they were extremely responsive in getting the problem resolved. I got a reply w/in 5 minutes of emailing them.

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