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Reverse proxy to make Microsoft IIS Rails installations easier

By Peter Cooper / June 9, 2006

I'm not a Windows user at all, but RForward struck me as perhaps being very interesting to those wanting to roll out Rails apps on Windows servers. It sounds like some of the new UNIX-side solutions to deploying Rails applications.. that is, proxying requests from one daemon to another rather than doing it all from one.

RForward is a reverse proxy designed to make Ruby on Rails applications easy to install into Microsoft's IIS web-server.

The traditional way of installing Ruby on Rails applications into IIS is to use FastCGI. I have written a tutorial - as you can see it is quite long-winded and error-prone.

RForward will, instead, act as a reverse proxy. The request will come into IIS, be routed to RForward, which in turn will send the request to a Ruby web-server. The Ruby web-server will dispatch the request to Rails and the response will be routed back in reverse order to the original client.

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