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RFaceBook: Ruby library for FaceBook’s new API

By Peter Cooper / May 29, 2007


FaceBook, a popular social networking site, recently announced the availability of an API, allowing third party developers to build tools, apps, and systems that integrate with FaceBook and which FaceBook users can use from within their accounts. MySpace users, who are used to copying and pasting crazy blocks of HTML into their profile foxes, will be aware of what a big deal this is.

Hot on the heels of this announcement, Matt Pizzimenti has updated RFaceBook, a Ruby library for integrating with FaceBook, to support various features of the API. It's not something I'm likely to use, or that I fully understand, but the initial response to RFaceBook appears to be incredibly positive, so if FaceBook is your cup of tea, check it out.

(Post fixed.)


  1. Aman Gupta says:

    This story is misleading.

    Matt Pizzimenti released RFacebook months ago.

    The last commit to the RFacebook SVN repository was 2 weeks ago. The library does not (yet) contain any code specific to the new Facebook Platform.

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Thank you. I have tweaked the content of the post. He has added more detail on that page outlining that new features have been added for this.

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