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Ruby Jobs Update for October 2007

By Peter Cooper / November 2, 2007

As long time readers will know, Ruby Inside has its own jobs board at It doesn't just have jobs posted only by Ruby Inside readers, but also jobs scraped from all over the Web with many Ruby and Rails related jobs being picked up every day (e.g. how does being a Ruby Engineer in Los Angeles take your fancy?).

Only two jobs were posted by Ruby Inside readers in October, but deserve special attention:

Ruby / MySQL Developers - Irvine, CA

WEGCash, an adult affiliate network company, are looking for some talented Ruby-focused Web developers to join their team in Irvine, California. Full medical, a matching 401k, and bonus scheme are all perks, as well as the opportunity to work in sunny Irvine. The level of Ruby experience you have isn't too important as long as you have the willingness to learn.

Ruby on Rails Developer - Boston / New York

Thoughtbot, one of the most exciting and progressive Rails-focused agencies out there, is looking for a crack Ruby on Rails developer to work from either their Boston or New York office. Any potential applicants need to be solidly grounded in Ruby and Rails, be fully up to date with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and be familiar with test driven development. Thoughtbot offers all the usual perks including medical and 401k, but also maintains a 40 hour work week, a fridge with free drinks, and a free lunch on Fridays.

London Rails Developer wanting £45-55k?

Separate from the Ruby Inside focused jobs, today I came across a job ad posted just yesterday for a senior Ruby on Rails developer in the UK. Nothing spectular about that, except the money being offered is actually realistic for a change.. so if you're interested.. a central London based Rails developer is needed for a multi-language Web development team with a starting salary of £45k-£55k.


  1. rido says:

    Jim Cramer...THE SOURCE ON his take on 401k plans....Great tip!

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