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The Best Ruby on Rails Page Caching Tutorial Yet

By Peter Cooper / March 1, 2007

Shakespeare Comic

Just ten days ago Gregg Pollack and Jason Seifer launched their new Rails blog, Rails Envy, with a great acts_as_ferret tutorial. I told them to keep up the good work, and they have! Today they've posted an amazing Ruby on Rails page caching tutorial that covers page caching to a good depth including configuration, sweepers, cache location, and Apache/Lighttpd integration. Sadly it doesn't touch on fragment and action caching, but Gregg assures us all that a post about these tools is forthcoming.


  1. Ben says:

    For another great resource on Rails caching (including action and fragment caching) you should check out the recent peepcode screen cast below. It's worth the $9 and if you haven't heard of them yet, keep an eye out for these screen casts.

    (I have no affiliation except as a happy customer who has purchased most of the back catalog)!

  2. Carl Youngblood says:

    Grammar absolutely sucks though. Correction: "Thou mayest be dugg or slashdotted, that thy server runneth hot. I shall pray it crash not, and hope thy web site cache [do cache]." The last sentence is in subjunctive form because praying and hoping refer to events that have not yet come to pass.

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