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This Week’s Ruby News: Ruby 1.8.7-p370, Rubyist Text Editor Poll Results, MagicRuby and More

By Peter Cooper / July 6, 2012

Welcome to this week's Web-based syndication of Ruby Weekly, the Ruby e-mail newsletter (which just turned 100 weeks old this week - issue 100! :-))

Highlights include: Ruby 1.8.7's last ever bug fix release, the Ruby OpenSource Challenge, a new open source code review system, and the results of a Rubyist text editor poll.


Ruby 1.8.7-p370 Released: The Last Bug Fix Release for 1.8.7
Still using 1.8.7? Right on schedule, this is your last bug fix release, with only security fixes available for the next year before 1.8.7 is abandoned entirely.

The Ruby OpenSource Challenge
Backed by a large variety of prize givers and sponsors, the Ruby OpenSource Challenge encourages you to help improve the Active Admin project.

RubyShift 2012: Ukrainian Ruby Conference, September 29-30
Call for proposals and registration are now both open.

The Ruby Greener Test Challenge (A Windows Challenge)
Luis Lavena is well known for his efforts to make Ruby better on the Windows platform, and he's put out a call to action to clean up the 9 failures and 2 errors in MRI's test suite.

MagicRuby - A Ruby conference *inside* Walt Disney World!
Join us October 5 and 6, 20120 for MagicRuby 2012. This year we're dropping some knowledge inside of Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park! Our CFP and registration (only $199 - $49 for Disney passholders) are OPEN, so head over to our site for more info.


Constant Stubbing in RSpec 2.11
It's not out yet but Myron Marston gives us a look at a new feature coming to the forthcoming RSpec 2.11: the ability to stub constants.

Vim for Ruby on Rails (and A Sexy Theme!)
Last week's link to using Sublime Text 2 was popular but this week's turn is Vim! Aston J aims to show off why Vim is a good choice for Rails development along with a bevy of commands.


Libraries and Code

Barkeep: An Open Source Code Review System
Billing itself as a "friendly code review system", Barkeep is a self hosted tool to do code reviews on your projects. It can watch commits made to any Git repository, see diffs, write comments, and have comments e-mailed to your collaborators.

Flowdock Open Sources 'Oulu': An EventMachine-Driven IRC Gateway
Flowdock, a collaboration app with chat support, has open sourced their EventMachine-based IRC gateway. Could come in particularly handy if you want to integrate IRC with your own apps.

OmniContacts: Rack Middleware for Importing E-mail Contacts
A library that enables users of an application to import contacts from their email accounts (currently supports Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.) As a Rack middleware, you can use with any Rack-based framework, including Rails.

Seedbank: Organize Your Rails App's 'Seed Data'
Seedbank allows you to structure your Rails seed data instead of having it all dumped into one large file.

Rack-Policy: Middleware for Complying With the EU ePrivacy Directive
If you're not based in the EU, you can ignore this idiotic piece of legislation but otherwise Rack-Policy helps your Ruby webapps comply with getting implied consent before any cookies can be stored on your visitors' machines.

Image Sorcery: A Ruby ImageMagick Library 'That Doesn't Suck'
Image Sorcery leverages all three of ImageMagick's command line tools, mogrify, convert, and identify, to give you image processing functionality, minus the memory leaks. (Looks a lot like MiniMagick on the surface.)

Periscope: Expose Your Scopes to the World
Periscope makes it easy to chain your scopes from the query parameters on your index actions. Includes support for ActiveRecord, MongoMapper, Mongoid and DataMapper.

Twitter Gem Hits Version 3.0
The popular 'twitter' gem has reached version 3.0 (now at 3.0.2). Only a changelog to go on but lots of changes you'll need to be aware of if you use the library.

Ruby OpenSSL Cheat Sheet
August Lilleaas shares a collection of examples for using Ruby's OpenSSL bindings (as found in the Ruby standard library).


Rails Developer at OneLogin [San Francisco]
Join a team of Ruby engineers building the industry's easiest-to-use Identity and Access Management solution for enterprises. 2-3 years of experience with Rails necessary and community involvement a big plus.

Last but not least..

What Is Your Primary Text Editor for Ruby Development?
Now at over 4,000 votes, this poll is an interesting look at what text editors Rubyists are using. It looks like the era of TextMate has truly passed.

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