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Trestles: Replacing Rails scaffolding with something better

By Peter Cooper / July 11, 2006


Scaffolding is not meant to be a final solution for any application. It's designed to provide 'scaffolding' for you to extend and improve. However, the developers of Trestle believe that the scaffolding could be improved significantly and have released their own version.

The trestle generator is an adaptation of the Rails scaffold generator. It produces scaffolding that’s more like production-quality code while maintaining all the rapid goodness you know and love about Rails.

The primary difference is that the HTTP verbs GET and POST are respected and used properly, as opposed to the system in Rails' default scaffolding. This also allows trestles to be more succinct, with just four actions (index, new, edit, and destroy). Trestles also have nicer error messages.


  1. Nils Jonsson says:

    Glad you like it!

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