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Washington state children’s charity needs a Rails developer

By Peter Cooper / June 17, 2010

I received this e-mail today:

I work at a small non-profit that helps destitute children in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda and the Dominican Republic (Children of the Nations). We are searching for a RoR developer and money is tight.

Would you be willing to list our job opening pro bono? The extra visibility could make the difference as we are searching for a very special person.

Aaron Stroud

Who could refuse such a short, pleasant e-mail? Not me, which is why if you're looking to soothe your soul and do some Rails work, you should check out their job listing. You need to be near to Seattle as you need to be on-site at least a day or two each week, but full-time and half-time arrangements will be considered.


  1. Brendan says:

    They're a *Christian* nonprofit missionary organization. I don't know what that means...

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    I'm a bit of a fundamentalist atheist but it doesn't bother me whatever religion they are, and I'd hope it doesn't bother them too much what religion any potential candidate would be either.

  3. David Clark says:

    dangi, I would love to find a gig like that in boston

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