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Ziya – Easy Flash-based Charts for Rails Apps

By Peter Cooper / December 30, 2006


ZiYa is a Rails plugin developed by Fernand Galiana and DeLynn Berry that makes it a snap to create complex charts to show in your Rails applications. It uses Flash as the engine for creating and showing the charts, but you don't need to have any Flash knowledge to use the plugin as all of the parameters are passed through from Ruby.


  1. herbert says:

    Flash should be removed from the planet.

  2. Jury says:

    Looks like their site is down :(

  3. Smick says:

    @Peter: Thanks for posting this, I'm excited to try it out since I can't get manage to find the secret sauce to make rMagick/imageMagick work, and this looks like a great alternative.

    @herbert: Stupidity should be removed from the planet, and we can accomplish that by identifying and correcting our own stupidity. I don't see the point of trolling... it seems stupid to me.

    Flash *can* (and is) be used to do awesome UI stuff (beyond games) that will run (almost?) exactly the same across all browsers, and there are some very cool things out in the world to help one make productive/useful Flash interfaces. ( Flex, for example! )

    I think most all of us hate the obnoxious ads that use Flash, but the disdain/vitrol should be directed where it belongs... the advertising "creative" companies that create them, not the technology they're abusing.

  4. Richard Ingham says:

    hmm, it's interesting that you've got the same sort of mentality that Iran's president has got for Israel. Are there any feasible arguments supporting your unwarranted attack, or is it just a meaningless hate?

  5. Ravi Kumar says:

    You may also look at - they've a free version too.

  6. Fernand says:

    Jury: Not sure if there was a network bleep.

    The site should be up and running again...

    Let us know if you keep having problems

  7. Ryan Lowe says:

    The link moved:

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