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16 Ruby and Rails Jobs for February 2011 (including UK and Australia)

By Peter Cooper / February 28, 2011

It's been a killer month for new Ruby and Rails jobs over at the Ruby Inside Jobs board so I'm going to cut the filler to a minimum today.. though if you want to learn more about posting one of your own, check our Post A Job page. The current bonus is you'll get your job ad into the 4000+ subscriber-strong Ruby Weekly for free!

There are a couple of really appealing jobs in here (particularly the first one) and they span the US with a few in the United Kingdom and one in Australia for good measure:

Innovation Developer - San Francisco, California, inc. is looking for a Innovation Developer - the sort of developer who reads HN and TechCrunch, who's played with tools like Raphael and CoffeeScript, and who wants to work on interesting prototypes with the latest tools. This sounds like a great position! It's in downtown SF and you can even get a $100/mo fitness reimbursement — click here to learn more.

Great Ruby Developer Needed - London, UK

Econsultancy is an award-winning online publisher based in London and New York. They're looking for a developer to work at their London office with general experience of Ruby, Rails and Unix/Linux - salary is up to 60k — click here to learn more.

Ruby on Rails Developer - Pasadena, California

Goldstar is a ticket and entertainment company looking for a full-time Rails developer to join a geographically-dispersed, test-happy, and pair-friendly team of developers building services for 1.2 million members across the US. This job does not demand you be based near Pasadena, CA (though that's ideal) but at least one visit per year to HQ is required — click here to learn more.

Ruby/Rails Engineers - Edinburgh & Cambridge, UK

FreeAgent is a fast growing and hugely popular UK based startup obsessed with building fantastic online accounting software. They're a small team of smart people looking to hire productive Ruby and Rails developers in Edinburgh or Cambridge. You'll be working on adding and maintaining features for our existing applications and making sure their software scales up — click here to learn more.

Ruby on Rails Developer - Boston, Massachusetts

The District Management Council is looking for an experienced Web developer with 2+ years of Rails and JavaScript experience plus MySQL, HTML, and CSS proficiency to work on their Web applications helping to dramatically improve public education in America today — click here to learn more.

Ruby/Java Web Developers - Arlington, Virginia

Healthcentral is an online health information site looking for, ideally, a developer experienced with both Java and Ruby related technologies. A BS/MS in Computer Science is preferred, along with 2-4 years of industry experience preferably in startup environments — click here to learn more.

Ruby Developer - Palo Alto, California

Wildfire Interactive is a rapidly expanding, VC-funded tech startup in the social media marketing space. They're using Rails and Sinatra and building many 'pure Ruby' components so they want Ruby developers with full-stack experience. Oh, and testing is a must — click here to learn more.

Ruby Developer - Lewisville, Texas

Geoforce Inc provides asset visibility to the oil and gas industry through wireless devices feeding data to a Rails-powered SaaS app. They want a developer with 3 years of Rails experience, as well as Postgresql, HTML, and JavaScript experience generally — click here to learn more.

Graduate Rails Developer - London, UK

AlphaSights are looking for a Computer Science graduate (or equivalent) with a passion for Ruby and Rails to work in a small team at their Covent Garden offices. No commercial Rails experience is necessary and a highly competitive salary is offered — click here to learn more.

Rails Developer - Cleveland, Ohio

Within3 is a professional networking site for the top institutions and physicians in the healthcare industry looking for a Rails developer. At least 3-5 years of Ruby experience is needed as well as thorough knowledge of front-end technologies (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript) — click here to learn more.

Senior Ruby (Rails/Sinatra) Developer - Santa Monica, California

TRUECar, Inc. is looking for a Ruby developer with Sinatra experience to work on improving their car price research service. Your TDD and Agile-fu needs to be strong. A highly competitive salary, 100% medical, and equity are offered — click here to learn more.

Sr. Ruby Developer - Coronado, California

StockTwits wants a senior-level Ruby developer with Ruby, Rails (with HAML), TDD and HTML5 experience. A Bachelor's degree or better in Computer Science or a related technical discipline is required — click here to learn more.

Ruby on Rails Developer - Chicago, Illinois

Obtiva is looking for developers for its Chicago and Denver locations - no 'rock stars' or 'ninjas' but passionate, friendly team players with Ruby, Rails, and Agile experience — click here to learn more.

Web Developer - San Francisco, California

Do you have a passion for design as well as code? Hybrid Design wants you! They're working for clients like Apple, Nike, and TED and need a full-time Web developer with both Ruby and design chops — click here to learn more.

Ruby Developer - Evanston, Illinois

Celect builds member-management systems for organizations like churches and fraternities. They need a full-time Ruby developer for their engineering team who has experience with RSpec, Passenger, and PostgreSQL. The job is on-site in Evanston, IL — click here to learn more.

Ruby on Rails Software Engineer - Sterling, Virginia

Grab Networks is looking for analytical individuals with strong computational skills to work on multiple levels of a complex technology stack. You'll need 5-6 years' experience developing dynamic, data-driven, commercial web applications — click here to learn more.

Ruby/JRuby Tools Engineer - San Mateo, California

Where can you work on challenging engineering problems while saving the planet? At eMeter! eMeter is seeking an Java/Ruby/JRuby Automation/Tools Engineer to drive the development of automation tools — click here to learn more.

Ruby Developer - Melbourne, Australia

TrikeApps is looking for a Ruby Developer to work in their Melbourne, Australia office. Assistance with relocation and visa sponsorship is available for the right candidate wanting to move to Australia. Two years of experience developing webapps is required — click here to learn more.

Ruby on Rails Software Engineer - San Francisco, California

AKQA (one of the world's most influential creative and technology companies) is looking for a Ruby on Rails Software Engineer with 3 years' experience of Rails and familiarity with Unix/Linux — click here to learn more.

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