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3 Ruby Lectures and Presentations Given at Google

By Peter Cooper / February 17, 2007

This post just links to a few Ruby videos I've found on Google Video that I hadn't seen before.

How to Design A Domain Specific Language with David Pollak. 1 hour 2 minutes. Slides easy to read, camera is close to projector. David kicks things off with a surprising answer to "What is the world's most popular programming language?" that grabbed my attention straight away.

Code Generation With Ruby with Jack Herrington. 50 minutes. Interestingly, a product manager from Google suggests Ruby will "in the long run" become "more and more popular here", which is good.

Ruby and Google Maps with Andre Lewis. 1 hour 2 minutes. Unfortunately the resolution isn't good enough to see any of the code he's working on and the camera is fixed.


  1. Alexey Kovyrin says:

    Maybe you'd be interesting... contains links and information about some other interesting videos on Ruby development.

  2. Dan Bernier says:

    Thanks for those...I liked David Pollack's, and I'm looking forward to Herrington's...I read some sample chapters of "Code Generation" about 3 years ago, and loved it.

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