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37Signals on the Greatness of Apple + Ruby

By Peter Cooper / October 22, 2006


  1. tomasz mazur says:

    heh, 37 signals are learning reading polish books -> www - przyjazne witryny (friendly websites) . lol

  2. Jon Maddox says:

    High res rock star edition here:

  3. Peter Cooper says:

    Aha, I got the impression it was too slick not to be somewhere else too. I thought it was off of the TV or something :)

  4. Eldon says:

    damn them. I've been resisting switching to a mac ever since switching to Ruby & Rails last year.

    This video (and the fact that the new Macbook Pros came out today) finally broke my resolve.

    My first Mac arrives next week.

  5. Derek says:

    I was wondering how they got Rails into Leopard.

  6. Michael Edlund says:

    Eldon, congratulations. :-) /M

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