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6 Free Ruby Icons For Your Projects

By Peter Cooper / July 15, 2009


Several weeks ago, stock icon company Iconshock offered to design some icons for Ruby Inside to give to its readers. Initially skeptical, I was convinced to give it a try after seeing some of their other work. Now, the first 6 icons are back and.. they're totally free for you to use. Grab this ZIP file that contains PNG and EPS (ideal for Illustrator) versions of the icons and give them a go!

The six icons signify Ruby on Rails, Ruby itself, two file types (Ruby and RubyGems), an application, and a generic cog. All can be used as you see fit. Iconshock told me that there are "no special terms or conditions" and that they can be used "for personal and commercial projects." They'd be cool to use in logos for Ruby libraries, on your blog, or anywhere else where Ruby related imagery would come in useful. Giving Iconshock credit is optional but appreciated.

What icons do you want to see next?

Iconshock have already expressed an interest in producing a second set of icons for Ruby Inside. What do you want to see? The first set were based on my ideas, but next time around they can produce the icons that you really want or think would be useful to the Ruby and Rails communities. What sort of icons could you use for your Ruby related Web sites, blogs, libraries, events, and so forth? Leave a comment against this post.

So who are Iconshock anyway?


Ruby Inside has no financial relationship with Iconshock - we get some cool icons to give away in return for pointing out that Iconshock made them, and that they have plenty more (700,000+!) for sale on their site. They seem quite experienced in producing icons for applications and all of the icons I've browsed through in their catalog have been impressive so far.

So, check Iconshock out if you're interested in buying some icon sets or getting your own custom icons done (for $50 each if you want three or more). Perhaps they'll keep making us some cool free icons to give away..


  1. Paul says:

    Isn't this a interesting ruby tidbit that doesn't need an exclusive post?

    I mean... come on, a post just to show 6 icons?

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    You should check out the post about the Obie Fernandez wallpaper... :)

    Anyway, no, 350 words and a large image wouldn't really work in the tidbits posts, alas.

  3. Leonid Shevtsov says:

    Ya, and the rails look more like a ladder... no offense.

  4. Max says: does a bit, but there are some subtle differences, i.e. width, spacing and spacing of the cross ties...maybe if the angle was changed a bit. Anyway, I think the icons look pretty cool ;) The cog would be more of a library icon, I think.

  5. Peter Cooper says:

    The icons do look a lot better in their raw format. I kinda had to smush them into the preview graphic here and changed the saturation a little.

    Anyway, the second batch can be better if they're based on what everyone would like to see, so suggestions are certainly encouraged :)

  6. Eric J. Gruber says:

    Thanks for the post. I'll admit that I wasn't happy with the Ruby icon I made for, so I might just have to replace it with the one here.

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