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8 More Useful Ruby Code Snippets

By Peter Cooper / August 4, 2006

Simple "Send Email from Ruby" method - Using Net::SMTP to talk to the local SMTP daemon directly to send mail. Not elegant, but a useful quick hack.

Helper to Display Rails Flashes - A helper method that formalizes and simplifies the displaying of certain flash variables in Rails views.

Rails and Vim - A script to open an entire Rails project in Vim (searches through for models, controllers, etc).

Using Ruby hashes as keyword arguments, with easy defaults - Make your life (and methods!) simpler by merging in a set of default options with the supplied ones.

Ruby daemon library - A useful Daemon module to simplify the creation of daemons in Ruby (the daemons gem may be better for this in the long run though).

Wrap Text with a Regular Expression - Wraps text to a specified column width using a single gsub.

Test Driven LDAP with Ruby - Testing the LDAP client library for Ruby (and your LDAP server!)

Ordinals for all Numeric Types - Extending Ruby's numeric types to suffix "st", "rd", "th", etc.


  1. Luke Redpath says:

    I'm the author of the 4th snippet (ruby hashes as keyword arguments) - it turns out that Rails has this functionality built in in the form of the reverse_merge function, making my snippet pretty redundant if you are using Rails (though I do prefer the name with_defaults.

    More discussion on this and alternatives can be found on my blog:

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