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“Applying Agile to Ruby” Video Presentation

By Peter Cooper / August 4, 2007


Fred George, a Thoughtworks consultant with some 38 years' development experience, presents "Applying Agile to Ruby", a 50 minute video and slide-based presentation. He looks at the usual Agile practices (and a few design patterns) and applies them to the Ruby ecosystem. Be warned, there's a lot of comparison of Ruby to Java, but George's delivery is dynamic enough to keep things interesting.


  1. Mike Jones says:

    Really interesting look why Ruby and Agile go hand-in-hand. The rant about javascript was a bit OTT, its a cool dynamic language (it even has lamda) and you can test and debug it, just ask Douglas Crockford.

  2. Eivind Uggedal says:

    With regards to his usage of Eclipse as an Ruby editor: He really should use a more powerful editor and not an automated IDE made to help Java developers be more efficient because of their language's verbosity. Learn VIM or Emacs (or maybe textmate). Leave an autotest process in the background and you have everything you need IMHO.

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