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“Ruby Multipled By Agile” – A Video with Matz

By Peter Cooper / June 3, 2007


Here's an interesting video for all you Matz die-hards. It features Kenji Hiranabe, Shintaro Kakutani, and our own Yukihiro Mastumoto and looks at the history of C++, Java, Ruby, and agile development practices. It's in Japanese with English subtitles. It's not dated, but from what I can make out, it's very recent.


  1. Matthijs Langenberg says:

    I would love to watch this video, but the website is actually quite slow. I can't access the video at all, to be honest.
    Is anyone able to mirror the video?

  2. Kenji HIRANABE says:

    I added some context of the article.

    It is released on May 29, 2007 from "atmarkIT"

  3. Peter Cooper says:

    Thanks Kenji, I think people will find that very useful :) And yeah, the site is a little slow, but it still appears to work and play for me.

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