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14 Ruby and Rails Jobs for August 2010

By Peter Cooper / July 23, 2010

It's been a couple of months since the last job round up but the Ruby Inside job board has been hopping! There are 14 live listings to go over today and they're not all in San Francisco. Jobs in Denver and Maryland bring in a bit of interesting variety.

A tweak to the format now that Ruby Inside has gone all "tumblelog" on you: I've decided not to include blurbs about every job in the listings since if you're interested in a company or the location is suited to you, you're going to click through and read the extended information anyway. Most companies give quite a lot of detail so click through and check them out.

Ruby on Rails Developer(s) (Entry-level-to-Senior)
CreaTek Solutions, Inc. —Boulder, Colorado

Ruby on Rails Developer
Foraker —Boulder, Colorado

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer
Get Satisfaction —San Francisco, California

Sr. Ruby Engineer- CoTweet
ExactTarget + CoTweet —San Francisco, California

Ruby On Rails Developer —Lafayette, Colorado

Front End Developer
SingleFeed —San Francisco, California

Rails Developer
Context Optional, Inc —San Francisco, California

Sr. Ruby on Rails Programmer (or perl/python/django/catalyst)
Insight —Birmingham, Alabama

Software Engineer, Scalability
Zendesk —San Francisco, California

Software Ruby/Rails leader Engineers
RotoHog —Los Angeles, California

RoR Engineer
Zendesk —San Francisco, California

User Interface Software Engineer
BoxTone —Columbia, Maryland

Front End Developer
Zendesk —San Francisco, California

Frontend Engineer
Onehood, Inc —San Francisco, California

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