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Backup – A Ruby Gem that makes backup operations easy

By Peter Cooper / October 12, 2006

Some user mail from Nathan Murray:

I just wanted to let you guys know I've just released the first version of my Backup Gem. You can read the manual here:

BackupGem aims to be the easiest and most flexible backup, archive and rotate tool. It’s a beginning-to-end solution for scheduled backups in a clean ruby package that is simple use and powerful when customized.

A configuration as simple as:

set :backup_path, "/var/local/backups/my_old_logs"
action :content, :is_contents_of => "/var/my_logs"

Will compress, encrypt, deliver, and rotate the contents of /var/my_logs. But this is just a taste of the power this gem has.

You can install the gem easily with gem install backup and the official documentation is very complete and full of examples. From what I can see so far, it's a very complete and flexible backup library that you can use to create your own backup systems with a minimum of fuss. Even better that it uses Ruby :)


  1. Alex MacCaw says:

    Is there something like this for ActiveRecord (& Rails), that'll export the database (perhaps into yaml) and backup it?

  2. Jon Maddox says:

    for the record, its: sudo gem install backupgem

  3. Scott Becker says:

    Alex - Yep, the handy ar_fixtures plugin written by Geoffrey Grosenbach does exactly that:

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