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Rack Makes It Onto JRuby

By Peter Cooper / May 11, 2008

rack-logo.pngMost Ruby developers should be familiar with Rack, an interface / library that abstracts away a lot of the banalities of hooking up application code to HTTP servers. It's used by several Ruby Web application frameworks already, some as a default - such as Merb, and others as an optional extra - such as Rails. Rack is significant because it provides a standard for Web-facing Ruby applications and frameworks to adhere to and is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard in this space.

Nick Sieger has developed JRuby-Rack, a variant of Rack that runs on the Java-based Ruby implementation, JRuby. You can use it to run any Rack-compatible application (e.g. Rails or Merb applications) inside a Java application server. This is significant because it gives application developers an independent, abstracted way to roll out Ruby-based Web applications on a Java server with significant ease (at least, more ease than before!).
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