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Free Rails Workshop in Denver, May 17-18

By Peter Cooper / May 4, 2007

Learn on Rails has just let me know that due to a major booking pulling out, they are now making their Denver Ruby on Rails workshop free on May 17 and 18. All they ask is for a small $10 - $15 donation at the door to cover the cost of refreshments.

Here's the info, straight from organizer Drew Blas:

We originally had a large group scheduled to attend this event, but the company canceled on us at the last minute. Because we must still pay for the hotel conference room, we have to decided to offer this workshop for FREE!!! That's right, free. If you're a developer or supervisor interested in learning the basics of Ruby on Rails, we are offering this two day course at no charge. We ask only that you bring your laptop computer and make a small ($10-15) donation at the door to cover the cost of refreshments. Please e-mail us at info -at- if you are interested in attending so we can have some rough numbers. We're going to have a good time, make the best of it, and you'll get some great training for next-to-nothing!

If you're in Denver, or can get there easily enough, it sounds like a good opportunity to get some Rails training. Enjoy!

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