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Railscasts: Free Ruby on Rails Screencasts

By Peter Cooper / March 19, 2007


Railscasts is a new project by Ryan Bates providing regular, free screencasts on topics relating to Ruby on Rails. As opposed to Geoffrey Grosenbach's wonderfully detailed Peepcode screencasts, Railscasts videos are very short and each is focused on a very small area. Current topics include layouts, with_scope, Symbol#to_proc, caching with instance variables, and dynamic find_by methods.

The screencasts are well produced and to the point, and feature the creepiest opening sequence of any Ruby-related screencast so far.

Note: Make sure to use the "Download" links on the Railscasts site rather than clicking on the video titles as that will result in an error.


  1. Josh says:

    Congrats to Ryan for getting the site up and putting these together. They're really great!

    I love that opening sequence. :D

  2. Jesse Andrews says:

    I wish both Railscasts and Peepcode would allow user comments on the videos. It is harder for the peepcode video since there is much more content to comment upon, but for railscast it wouldn't be bad.

  3. Kevin Marsh says:

    These are absolutely awesome!

    I love the little keyboard shortcut popup, it helps to explain some of the TextMate voodoo and is something I've wondering about doing (or seeing done) for a long time.

    Any idea how it's achieved, I'm guessing Growl + something?

  4. Ryan Bates says:

    The ability to add comments for each episode is in the works. Hopefully I will get a chance to add that in a week or so.

    The visual key commands are done using "KeyCastr":

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Josh says:

    I think Ryan uses a program called iShowU.

  6. Josh says:

    I swear when I made that comment there wasn't one from Ryan... whoops! :)

  7. Kevin Federline says:

    Looks like someone just screwed Peepcode's business model :-)

  8. Peter Cooper says:

    KFed: I initially thought that, but then I realized they're in different leagues. Both are good, but you can't compare 3 minute quick tips with an hour packed of insight and perspective. Also.. Peepcode sponsors it!

  9. Ben Kittrell says:

    Sweet, RyanB is the man!

  10. Alexander Lomakin says:

    That is great thing! I am viewing it now.

  11. Fred says:

    Great screencasts! Something smart in every episode.

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