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GemJack: Online HTML documentation for all gems

By Peter Cooper / May 27, 2006 is a basic, but highly effective, site featuring full HTML documentation for most of the Ruby gems (Ruby's library packaging system). Hopefully it'll get indexed by Google in full and beginners will find it easier to find the documentation they want straight from Google.

One alternative, however, is to run gem_server on your local machine, whereupon all your installed gems' documentation will be available at http://localhost:8808/ . If your gems don't have documentation pre-built, you can build it with gem rdoc -all

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  1. Tony Stubblebine says:

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for the pointer. I'll try to get some more features into GemJack shortly. I think the main barrier to effective indexing is that the documentation is currently in frames. That's the first thing I want to change. Would love to hear feedback on what you'd want in the documentation.


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