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Holiday Fun: How Programming Language Fanboys See Each Others’ Languages

By Peter Cooper / December 22, 2009

superfriends.pngOvert humor isn't usually Ruby Inside's thing, but it's the holiday season, so there's nothing wrong with kicking up your heels and having a little fun. Don't worry - this won't become a habit. Promise! After the fold, check out a chart showing how programming language fanboys (Ruby's included) see each other's respective languages.


There's a higher resolution version available..


  1. Rizwan Reza says:

    Wow! :)

    Love it, thanks for sharing!

  2. Andrew Stone says:

    This is great, but I must admit I don't get the image of the "Java as seen by C fanboys" image. Is this an internet meme I missed (very possible)?

  3. taelor says:

    nice find, awesome.

  4. Ericson Smith says:

    I can't stop laughing. My stomach hurts with laughing. Because its so true.

  5. joe mcdonald says:

    was this inspired by Joey Devilla's "How Fanboys See Operating Systems" ?

  6. Waseem says:

    Awesome :)

  7. Matthew Lang says:

    If I were a PHP developer I don't think I would want to see my language as the "Toolman Taylor" of programming languages! The super heroes for Ruby is slightly biased though, isn't it?

    Dare I suggest we add a column for *whispers* C#?

  8. Libo says:

    Can we have .NET in the matrix please? :)

  9. Nick Martin says:

    Where's the Python?

  10. Quakeboy says:

    Dumb !

  11. Thomas R. Koll says:

    the PHP seen by PHP fanboys is totally ok, just have a closer look on the array functions in php. Practical but no overall design, just like the toolman. What worries me is ruby seen by php and vice versa. I see php as spaghetti, tough flying and devine is certainly not php-ish but ruby-ish.

  12. rodrigo3n says:

    very logic.

  13. nowheregirl says:

    i kinda agree with java fanboys LOL

  14. Tom Morris says:

    PHP as seen by Java (and Ruby) fanboys is awesome. Toot toot! Geek Squad coming through!

    (I say this as a Java - actually, mostly JVM, but Java is okay - and Ruby fanboy who used to do PHP.)

    C#? Hmm. I'd say it's one of those kids who gets taught abstinence-only education by their fundamentalist parents but then does anal "because that doesn't really count as sex". Kinky but repressed, I guess. (It looks as boring as Java - hell, it's Microsoft and how dull is that. But it's got closures and Array.Map and all sorts of other FP magic. And Mono.)

    Now I've done that, someone else needs to come up with horribly unfair stereotypes of JavaScript, Perl, Scala and Objective C.

  15. C guy says:

    At first I agreed with you Matthew, that the super heroes for Ruby might be a little biased. But then I realized that Star trek is a lot less fanciful than the group of super heroes..

    but its all great! cheers

  16. John Koh says:

    re: C#

    LYNCH HIM!!!!

    just kidding.

  17. Arie says:

    LOL for Ruby as seen by Ruby fanboys !

    Where are Assembly, Cobol, Prolog, LISP, Erlang, Haskell, Smalltalk, Perl, ADA, Python, and GoLang ?

  18. GS says:

    My best are Ruby as seen by Java fanboys and vice versa. Office Space FTW!

  19. yourofl10 says:

    Haha, very funny. Nice find.

  20. Robby Colvin says:

    That seriously made my day. Thank you!!!!

  21. bumpkin says:

    @Libo: That's easy; it'd just be this image across the board:

    My employer recently hired a guy that came from a .NET house -- we develop primarily in PHP -- and I can't how many blank stares he has given us for basic programming tasks; things like for loops and MySQL database queries are too complicated for him to code/figure out.

  22. François says:

    Funny and pretty spot on, except that it seems to me, that the pictures for PHP .. by Ruby fanboys, and Ruby ... by PHP fanboys should be reversed. (Ruby devs view PHP as spaghetti/octopus-code, PHP devs see Ruby as wannabe-superman).

    Java seems to get the worst rap of the bunch ... (love the Office Space pic).

  23. moi says:

    I'm soooo Java fanboy:D

  24. Oscar says:

    Java have positive perception among other programming languages fanboys ( except for C ) PHP has negative.

    I agree!

  25. Danny Tatom says:

    To help clear the confusion of flying spaghetti:

    Pretty sure the joke isn't that Ruby has spaghetti-code. ;D

  26. AJ says:

    How about Adding Perl, Python..

  27. Jakub Lédl says:

    "C#? Hmm. I'd say it's one of those kids who gets taught abstinence-only education by their fundamentalist parents but then does anal "because that doesn't really count as sex". Kinky but repressed, I guess. (It looks as boring as Java - hell, it's Microsoft and how dull is that. But it's got closures and Array.Map and all sorts of other FP magic. And Mono.)"

    Well, you're surely a biased Unix geek (only joking ;-) )

    I must say I love Unix (in form of Mac OS X, NOT f*cking Linux!), and I love Ruby, but .NET is IMHO most powerful programming platform (I'm not saying only C#, you can use VB.NET, J#, IronPython, even IronRuby). C# is not even close to Ruby when it comes to pleasure of programming or fun of it, but .NET is blazing fast, it can do just EVERYTHING (Desktop, Web, Mobile, you can do both highlevel and lowlewel programming with it) and it has farly most powerful tools out there (Entity Framework and LINQ in general, ASP.NET (MVC), WCF, WPF and Silverlight...).

    On the other side, trying to use Mono for a REAL project was one of the most horrid experiences of my life ;-)

    .NET and Ruby have both their pros and cons, but I think you cannot directly say which one is better (if you are objective).

  28. Keith says:

    Seems a little dated. Presumably this was dreamt up by someone mired in Ruby and/or PHP who has not kept up with 21st century languages. I suspect the author was more likely trying to figure out how to include Cobol than how to account for Scala, Groovy & Clojure.

  29. Peter Cooper says:

    Keith: You're right - it's about languages people actually use.

  30. Cliffy says:

    What about BrainFuck?

  31. lulz wut says:

    Pretty much everyone sees PHP as the language of retards. Well, except the PHP retards.


  32. type says:

  33. type says:

    OOPS!haskell valid link:

  34. josh says:

    I second the confusion over "Java as seen by C fanboys". What is that a picture of, exactly? Looking more deeply (which is always a bad idea with things like this!) I find it ironic that a black man would be associated with a language that is as corporate, (and white/asian) as Java.

  35. Marco Montini says:

    Excellent. I think the Cross-Section showing how each see's the other is Perfect(!) I actually think it describes the language differences in some part. Really good.

  36. pata says:

    Oh my god, it's Pookie.

  37. College Campus says:

    Lol. this is funny. I love the ruby on rails.

  38. b davis says:

    Cliffy: for Brainfuck all pictures would just depict a penis penetrating the space between the left and right frontal lobes lol.

  39. petesrus says:

    I love it... very funny. I'd change the C fanboy view of Java into a guy with a bicycle helmet and all sorts of fall padding as in "it's a safe language but clunky and weighs you down."

  40. Guoliang Cao says:

    Agree with François: Ruby by PHP fanboys and PHP by ruby fanboys are kind of reversed.

    What is the meaning of pic for C by PHP fanboys?

  41. Jakob says:

    @type nice try but the view of / by Haskell could be more diverse. Maybe Lisp is similar - it looks like a can of worms or a labyrinth to other fanboys. I'd love to see some more used languages like Perl. Can we use a Wave or Wiki to make changes or additions?

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