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Ruby Enters Top 10 Programming Languages at TIOBE

By Peter Cooper / January 9, 2007


The well respected TIOBE programming language index has Ruby placed at #10 for January 2007, up from #21 in January 2006. Ruby has climbed steadily throughout the year and its rapid growth has earned it TIOBE's award of "Programming Language Of 2006". Ruby is now hot on the heels of JavaScript, Python, C#, and Perl on the index, and if things carry on as they have, Python might see itself below Ruby by next year.

TIOBE says:

We are glad to announce that Ruby has become "Programming Language of the Year 2006". Ruby has the highest popularity increase in a year of all programming languages (+2.15%). Runner up this year is JavaScript with +1.31%. Both languages are boosted by their corresponding frameworks, Ruby On Rails and Ajax. This might be a new trend. In the recent past it was necessary to have a large company behind the language to get it in the spotlight (Sun with Java, Microsoft with C#), but nowadays a killer app appears to be sufficient. Viral marketing via the Internet works!

(First spied by Curt Hibbs)


  1. zimbatm says:

    Now it is to know if TIOBE is a valid measurment tool. If I remember well, they build their charts based on google search reasults and other informations sources. So what it means is that maybe there are more people that Blog or publish Rails sites with "powered by Ruby" footers. Not that there are more Ruby programmers. Think of all the poor COBOL programmers, they certainly won't blog about their new exciting web framework :-p

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Because they ain't got one? ;-)

  3. Deneb says:

    That's good news. Ruby deserves to be respected as a programming language.

  4. Tom Copeland says:

    I ran across a JavaCC grammar for COBOL a while back and I'm surprised at how many hits that blog entry still gets. But from the TIOBE chart it looks like Ruby is gobbling up what marketshare COBOL still has, go Ruby!

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