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Interesting Rails Tidbits #2

By Peter Cooper / December 21, 2007

The Future of Web Services Presentation

Gregg Pollack of RailsEnvy gave a talk last week at the Orlando Ruby Users Group called "The Future of Web Services," where he looked at what Web services are, what REST is, how REST solves Web service related problems, how Rails works with REST, and so forth. A live Rails coding demo is included and Gregg gives it his usual well-produced, charismatic all.

Learning Rails Podcast

Learning Rails is a new, professionally produced podcast by Michael Slater that takes listeners through the concepts behind Ruby on Rails development. The podcast is designed for people who are new to Ruby and Rails, rather than seasoned developers.

Free German Rails E-book

OpenRoRBook is a new, free German language e-book that covers Rails development. The book covers 59 pages and walks through the usual steps of producing a simple Rails application. Supposedly there are going to be multiple editions with more specific information about Rails 2.0 to follow. They are also hoping to translate the book into English in the future.

Commercial Rails Application Monitoring from FiveRuns

FiveRuns, somewhat a pioneer in the Ruby on Rails enterprise market, is offering a service called RM-Manage (30 day trial available) that monitors your Rails application's performance and reliability in real time and gives you in-depth views into the data obtained. FiveRuns claim this makes it easy to spot bottlenecks and to resolve reliability and performance issues before they become user complaints. FiveRuns are also known for their enterprise Ruby on Rails application stack, RM-Install. This week, FiveRuns has announced a partnership with UK Rails host, Brightbox, to offer a bundled package including both hosting and FiveRuns' monitoring services.


  1. mrchucho says:

    Does anyone have experience with FiveRuns?

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    Not personally, but they keep sending out press releases and their product looks interesting so I thought I'd mention it. I'd certainly like to have some more objective commentary on them though.

  3. Robert Dempsey says:

    I was about to add my two cents until I saw the "objective" part of Peter's post. We are a partner of theirs and use their tools a lot. We definitely love them.

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