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Interesting Ruby Tidbits That Don’t Need Separate Posts #12

By Peter Cooper / December 30, 2007

RubyCamp 2008 in Vancouver, Canada - January 26, 2008

RubyCamp 2008 is a one-day "Ruby camp" in Vancouver, Canada, taking place on January 26, 2008. All are invited, Rubyists and Railers alike, and it runs from 9am to 5pm at "WorkSpace" in downtown Vancouver. There's a lot more about it at the official RubyCamp site. Two "tracks" will be in flow, a traditional conference-style track with speakers giving talks, and a "Hackathon" track taking an un-conference approach where you can just show off your cool application, Ruby tricks, and stuff like that.

Solving Rails Performance Bottlenecks with RM-Manage

Solving Rails Performance Bottlenecks with RM-Manage is an article by enterprise Rails deployment company FiveRuns that looks at how to use their RM-Manage service to, unsurprisingly, deal with bottlenecks in your Rails applications. I'm not familiar with RM-Manage as a user, but the statistics you get back using their interface look pretty interesting. The article has a bunch of screenshots, so check it out.

Java Becoming New COBOL; Ruby Remains New Perl

InfoWorld is reporting that "Java is losing ground to Ruby on Rails" and that "Java is becoming the new COBOL." It cannot be said that the Ruby community is one to gloat, so I shall do it for you.. ha ha! That said, a lot of BDD stories used on Ruby apps nowadays look a little like COBOL so perhaps the bearded men were right after all.

Scotland On Rails - One Day Left To Submit Proposals

Scotland on Rails, a valiant attempt at a Scottish RailsConf, is all set to go ahead on April 4 - 5, 2008, and there's just one day until the deadline to submit a proposal for giving a tutorial or session. If you can knock out a proposal in 24 hours, you could be sharing a stage with Ruby bigwigs like Jim Weirich, Joe O'Brien and David A. Black! If you'd rather just go and heckle, then you can join the conference's mailing list from the official site.

Building a Ruby Web Service On Facebook's Thrift

Ruby Web Services with Facebook's Thrift is a great post by Ilya Grigorik that walks you through building a Web service and client using Ruby and the newly released cross-language Thrift library from Facebook.


  1. Alan Francis says:

    "...valiant attempt..." ? Am I being over-sensitive to read that in a weird way ? Like heroic failure ? or moral victory ?

    I'm curious about your perspective, Peter :-) I thought we were doing pretty well :-)

  2. Peter Cooper says:

    No, I'm not being sarcastic or passive aggressive for once :) I think anyone putting on a Rails-only conference is still reasonably brave, given that it's still a reasonably obscure technology, and that Scotland on Rails is, indeed, a valiant attempt at bringing a Rails conference to Scotland, somewhere not particularly well known for its Rails adoption.

    I was considering going, but I'm going to be at Ruby Fools in Copenhagen a few days before, and I must admit I'm not really keen on the idea of Rails-specific conferences from a personal point of view (that is, I'm not really a Rails developer, but a Ruby one).

  3. Alan Francis says:

    Well, for the record it's not just a Rails conference (any more than railsconf is just a Rails conference). We're also looking at proposals right now that cover testing, ruby class design and general o-o design (with a ruby flavour). Jim Weirich and David Black, for instance, almost certainly won't be talking about rails at all :)

    Feel free to submit something non-rails related :-)


  4. Peter Cooper says:

    I saw that you're accepting non Rails stuff, so hopefully some people will be focusing on that. Good luck with it. I hope it goes well enough that you can do another next year :) And just let me know if you need anything promoted here on Ruby Inside.

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