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Interesting Ruby Tidbits That Don’t Need Separate Posts #2

By Peter Cooper / September 19, 2007

Serving PDFs with Rails using Inkscape Satya X has written "Serving PDFs with Rails using Inkscape," an article that goes into amazing detail about how to set up a system where customized PDFs can be created and served from a Rails application (or any Ruby app, with amendments). Ever wanted to set up your own Pragmatic Programmers'-esque PDF stamping system for selling e-books? Now you can do it for free. Ruby on Rails vs DJ AngoThe RailsEnvy guys are at it again with another Rails vs X "commercial." This time it's Ruby on Rails vs Django.. with stellar hip hop beats.Ruby On The iPhone?Giles Bowkett writes with news that "Ruby runs on the iPhone" and presents these two sites as evidence (see ruby-1.8.6.tar.gz on the second). Giles has no iPhone, and nor do I, so we can't test it, but for those of you with such a device, it might be do-able. Please add any reports regarding iPhone Ruby operability as comments here.SOAP4RNever gotten familiar with Ruby's abilities with SOAP? Mark Thomas has put together a really tight beginner's tutorial to the SOAP4R library.Rubinius SprintLast week, the team behind Rubinius - one of many promising attempts at creating a new Ruby implementation - had a major development sprint. Lots of things got done, and Charles Nutter (of JRuby fame) even dropped in to help. Along with the rest of the Ruby community, we want to cheer on Rubinius and look forward to reporting on its beta releases in the near-future (hopefully!).


  1. Jon Maddox says:

    The Ruby binary that is being distributed has issues. It segfaults all over the place. I was trying to get it working at the Hoedown and was failing miserably.

    Courtenay has a post (and patch) on getting Ruby compiled to work well on the iPhone here ->

  2. Tony Spencer says:

    Yes it works.

  3. Tony Spencer says:

    Oops. Should have refreshed my screen to see Jon's post.
    I've not had any trouble with the binary that was installed on mine but all I've done is hello world.

  4. Nico Orellana says:

    RoR finally found a friend in the jungle!! great videos as usual from RaisEnvy.

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