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Interesting Ruby Tidbits That Don’t Need Separate Posts #9

By Peter Cooper / November 13, 2007

Interview with Evan Phoenix about Rubinius

Mike Moore, of the Rubiverse Podcast, has interviewed legendary Ruby developer Evan Phoenix about the Rubinius Ruby implementation project. If you like your Ruby talk deep down, dirty, and packed full of technical details, this is well worth a listen. The interview goes right into the inspiration behind Rubinius, the development process, and stories of discoveries made so far.

Make A Code Pasting Site In 15 Minutes With Sinatra & DataMapper

Nick Plante has written a great tutorial demonstrating how to build a code pasting site (like Pastie) in a very short period of time using Sinatra, a new lightweight Ruby Web framework, and DataMapper, a compelling new ActiveRecord alternative (which is going to be featured a lot more on Ruby Inside shortly).

E-mail Validation Rails Plugins

Carsten Nielsen has developed an "Email Veracity Plugin" for Rails that makes it really easy to validate e-mail addresses supplied within Rails applications. It can even check the MX records associated with the e-mail address supplied to see if the domain exists and is accepting mail! Basically, if you care about e-mail address validity, it's a must-install.

make_resourceful 0.2.0 Released

Hampton Catlin has released version 0.2.0 of make_resourceful, an incredibly useful Rails plugin that makes it a snap to set up a whole bunch of RESTful actions and responses in a controller with merely one line of code. A new documentation site for the plugin is also now available at

Testing XML Builder Views in Rails

Matt Aimonetti looks at how to test XML Builder views within Rails applications using RSpec and Hpricot. This is not an area I'm particularly familiar with, but supposedly it's not particularly easy to figure out from scratch, but Matt's resulting code looks sharp.

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