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Interesting Ruby Tidbits That Don’t Need Separate Posts #3

By Peter Cooper / September 29, 2007

Tracking Down a Rails App Memory LeakTom Copeland posts about how he tracked down a memory leak in a Rails application. The results are interesting. RubyGems Runs on Ruby 1.9-ishEric Hodel reports that all of the tests for RubyGems now pass on Ruby 1.9 and that a 1.9 compatible beta version will be due shortly.R2Check - Tiny app that checks your pre-Rails 2.0 apps for compatabilityMislav Marohnic has built a pretty cool Ruby script that checks the source code of a Rails app for compatibility with Rails 2.0 and then points out the changes required.Advice for Ruby Beginners - Part 1Satish Talim has posted the first part of mass interview with 13 Ruby gurus with questions surrounding topics important to Ruby newbies. The "gurus" (quoted because I'm in the list) include Jamis Buck, Jamie van Dyke, Ola Bini, and a whole range of people from a stunningly diverse array of countries.RubyForge vs CPANDaniel Berger does a quick comparison of Perl's infamous CPAN library and code repository with Ruby's own RubyForge. I was pretty surprised at the numbers.. it seems RubyForge is not only winning on quality but for the size of the Ruby community versus the Perl community, the quantity is amazing.

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