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Interesting Ruby Tidbits That Don’t Need Separate Posts #7

By Peter Cooper / October 23, 2007

Note: Ruby Inside service will be slow until Thursday as I'm on vacation. The flow will then return to regular levels! Thanks!Sinatra - A New Ruby Web App FrameworkIt's still in its infancy but Sinatra is an interesting looking new Ruby Web app framework. It relies very heavily on a custom DSL but is otherwise in a similar niche to Merb or Camping.PackR - Ruby JavaScript CompressionPackR is a port of a Javascript compressor originally developed by Dean Edwards. The interesting thing about PackR is that it comes as a Rails plugin to enable you to have the JavaScripts associated with your Rails apps "packed" on the fly. Packing isn't a sure-fire way to stop someone ripping off your code, but it makes it significantly harder.Great resource on Rails' sessions and cookiesThe guys at QuarkRuby have put together a great guide to lots of other sites that show how sessions and cookies are managed in Rails and how you can work with them.


  1. Daniel Fischer says:

    Sinatra is definitely starting to gain some traction, I'm excited to see its development progress!

  2. Squ1 says:

    Dear Peter:
    You scared me:) I thought you would never update this blog anymore because you had return to other language.

  3. jyotshi says:

    doesn't work on Windows.

  4. Blake Mizerany says:

    jyotshi: Would you mind elaborating a little more here: Sinatra has not been tested on windows yet. We'd love your help getting that working.

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